Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grilled Venison

Ah, heading into summer with some grilled venison, marinated in red wine, a bit of Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, and some drops of already reduced balsamic vinegar. I threw it on the barbecue, one minute each side, and it was oh, so good! Red inside and dark brown outside. Mmmm.... However, it did have a problem: I so wanted steaks that I left them whole instead of making kabobs. Yeah, I should have cut it up because it was cut so oddly that it really was meant to be three individual pieces instead of one with silver skin separating the pieces. Ugh! Nothing chewier than silver skin. My bad! or lazy as the case may be. But everything else was perfect.

I ended up being so busy in my garden (a rainforest of weeds), and, I didn't know that my boys had eaten most of the potatoes while I was away, so instead of finishing the potatoes on the barbecue I made mashed potatoes and carrots with a bit of onion. They were delicious, especially with the reduced meat marinade, finished with some butter, flowing from the meat onto the potatoes. Finally, I topped the whole thing with mushrooms that had been reduced with white wine, a few droplets of the reduced balsamic vinegar and finished with butter. It was a feast! And a great way to say goodbye to spring and welcome the endless sun of summer. Yeah, even in north Idaho.

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