Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pancetta Heaven

Pancetta beginnings.  So, before the February challenge, my husband and I had already received a pork belly for Christmas, so, we ate half the pork belly braised, and now we're making foods using our cured pork belly.  However, I want to be part of the monthly challenges and deadlines for Charcutepalooza so last Thursday, I picked up another half of pork belly.  On Friday I started the curing process and have been massaging the salt and herb into it everyday.  We'll probably do the tight roll on Saturday.

In the meantime, my dear friend, Mark, gave me four wild goose breasts that a friend had given him.  Mark is sooo generous!  Since they had no skin, and, being wild, no fat, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them.  But, in true Charcutepalooza spirit I said to myself, "wild goose breast confit"!  I have enough duck fat frozen so I only needed to defrost the fat and season the goose breast (again, Charcuterie).  Tomorrow morning the confit begins...sigh...I can already feel the love.

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