Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Japanese Peanut Butter

Yes, that's my empty jar of Japanese Peanut Butter.  Well, I haven't cleaned it out completely, but I will. Isn't it sad?  I can't find it anywhere.  Not even in Seattle!  Not even at Uwajimaya.  So I'm posting this in the hopes that someone can tell me where to find more.  Below is the front of the jar:

Followed by a list of ingredients (I think):

Where oh where do I find this delicious peanut butter????

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Anonymous said...

hey linda, did you ever figure out anything more about this peanut butter? i believe i had this same brand a number of years ago, it was the most wonderful peanut butter i've ever had and actually turned me off of domestic peanut butter entirely. my ex girlfriends family used to send it to us a few times a year. after we broke up (i did the breaking up) i never had the nerve to ask her the name of it.