Monday, July 21, 2008

It's About Time I Brought My Camera To Work....

We've been creating some very tasty and beautiful dishes this summer and I keep leaving my camera at home.... Every time I read some of my favorite food blogs I just cringe at my own negligence. I guess it's about time to bring that camera to work.

This morning I made a carrot/ginger soup. Pretty typical these days but it did contain lots of flavor. I think it was the nutmeg and cardamom that pushed it over the top. I also did a watermelon gazpacho, from a recipe supplied to me by my chef, Mark. It had a lot of flavors in it, including watermelon, cucumber, peppers, mint and several others, and when all those flavors finally married, it was really sensational! And perfect for a 90+ degree day.

Before leaving for the day, owner, Tracy, wanted a variation on her favorite Alfredo style sauce, "something with spinach," she said. I left her with a spinach cream sauce, made with the simple basics of spinach, white onion, salt, nutmeg, and cream, all blended in the food processor, and then mixed in a bit of Parmesan. I loved the flavor and in our "quality control" test, in which we finished it off with freshly ground pepper, we both decided the chicken raviolis were a terrific match.

Yum, another day of cooking all day. I just love it!

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ntsc said...

Please do take your camera to work.