Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer At Papa Byrd's

It has been a busy summer. I've been working six nights a week and as much as I love working it doesn't leave much time for other favorite endeavors, like blogging. I did, however, manage to get in a few words at my other blog since my son, Julian, was one of two pages from Idaho at the Democratic National Convention. He was also the youngest member of the Idaho delegation, and as the mom with subsequent bragging rights, I had to write about the convention.

But back to the kitchen, which these days seems to be Papa Byrd's kitchen instead of Linda's.... Maybe not, after all I do work there.... The summer has been interesting with live music, a belly dancer, and all sorts of delicious specials created by Mark. I've had a hand with several different desserts. I captured some of the specials and desserts on film so photos to follow! We've had some incredibly busy days and also some slower ones but in a restaurant's first year it seems no predictions can be made. Summer has been good because we're located adjacent to the city parking lot and just a few doors down from the Visitor Center. For those of you who have never heard of Bonners Ferry before, we are a gateway to both Montana and Canada and we have more than 30,000 tourists who pass through our county (pop. 10,000) every summer.

We only have ten tables at the restaurant plus four 2-tops outside. Tracy, one of the owners, can handle the entire place easily but some of the local help has more trouble. On the positive side, many people know all the local help so patience comes in full supply. All in all we have a very good crew although the college students will be sorely missed.

Of course my favorite working crew belongs in the kitchen and on Saturday nights three of us have a great time no matter how busy it gets. So meet Anita, Mark and myself, Linda:

I caught some of the desserts on camera, but please, I'm no photographer. One night I made a Chocolate-Dipped Financier Cake, served with sweet whipped cream and fresh raspberries:

On another I went for my Chocolate Mousse Cake (because of the lighting the filling looks to be different colors but it comes out solid chocolate):

A favorite is Tiramisu, made with real zabagloine, macarpone and whipped cream. Most people here have only experienced the American custard (or vanilla pudding at some places) mixed with cream cheese, but we have the real thing and it is appreciated:

And when berries were in season, we just served the zabaglione with fresh fruit:

The desserts are only a final compliment to Mark's excellent and delicious "specials." On the following occasion he created a roasted fennel and red pepper shrimp, served on top of a Gorgonzola potato galette and accompanied with garlic roasted fresh red and golden beets on top of their own garlic fried greens. It was so good that the staff as well as the customers demand it frequently! The food just keeps on coming! Unfortunately my camera has not caught all of our delicious specials, which leave staff and customers satiated! But I'm working on it because I want everyone to know why Papa Byrd's is THE hottest restaurant in Boundary County, Idaho!

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